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Digital Arts Residency

Prix Ars Electronica Collide@CERN:

Digital Arts Residency

CERN's latest experiment colliding the minds of scientists with the imagination of artists opened in 2011 with the Prix Ars Electronica Collide@CERN prize in Digital Arts. This was the first prize to be announced as part of the new Collide@CERN 3-year artists residency programme initiated by the laboratory.

This international competition to win a funded residency at CERN and Ars Electronica, Futurelab, marks the 3-year science/arts cultural partnership and creative collaboration between CERN and Ars Electronica – which originated with CERN's cooperation with Origin, the annual Ars Electronica Festival in September 2011. 

The first winner from a competiton that attracted 395 entries from over 40 countries around the world in 2011 was the German visual artist Julius von Bismarck. The jury also awarded three honorary mentions. Read more... And follow the blog 

In November 2012, following the second Prix Ars Electronica Collide@CERN open call, the award was given to the American sound sculptor Bill Fontana. Read press release. The jury also awarded an honorary mention to the mexican artist Ale de la Puente. Bill Fontana will be in residence at CERN starting in July 2013.

On July 4th, 2013, Bill Fontana and his science inspiration partner, CERN cosmologist Subodh Patil, presented their work in art and science at the CERN Globe of Science and Innovation. This Conference included an opening address by Profesor Rolf Heuer, CERN Director-General; Ariane Koek, Creator of the Collide@CERN programme and Horst Hoertner, Director of Futurelab, Ars Electronica, Linz.

The 2013 open call for artists working in the digital domain to win the Prix Ars Electronica Collide@CERN award is open until 26th September 2013. For further details go to

We look for artists in any domain who work with digital media as means of creation and/or production and who will be truly inspired by CERN. They have to show their wish to engage with the ideas and/or technology of particle physics or with CERN as a place of scientific collaboration, using them as springboards of the imagination which dare to go beyond the paradigm. Applicants could be choreographers, performers, visual artists, filmmakers or composers, for example – what all applicants should have in common, however, us the use of digital art as the means of making and/or presenting work.

The award includes prize money, a production grant and a funded residency in two parts, with an initial 2 months at CERN with a CERN scientist as an inspiration partner. The second part is a month with the Futurelab team and mentor at Ars Electronica Linz with whom the winner will develop an idea inspired by the CERN residency.

Image: Nicolas Ferrando, Lois Lammerhuber

Collide@CERN is grateful for the generous support from Ars Electronica, our cultural partner, and our funders.

  • Ars Electronica – 10,000 Euros prize money
  • The creative process residencies are funded by two private donors.
  • UNIQA Assurance SA (Switzerland) is the exclusive sponsor of all artists' insurance in the Collide@CERN programme.

Coordinators: Matthew Gardiner (2011-2013) & Johanna Mathauer (2013-)

Without you all this would not happen. Thank you.