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MUTEK Forum & Virtual Market 2021

23 Aug 2021
Digital/ Online

In parallel to the MUTEK Festival, the MUTEK Forum is back for its seventh edition from 24 August to 2 September, featuring a virtual market which aims to connect Canadian and international artists with creative companies, festivals, curators, and cultural organizations.


For its 2021 edition, MUTEK continues to mesh art and ideas, across the city of Montréal and virtually, allowing for a dialogue with its communities made up of festival-goers, artists and experts from Canada, and beyond. More than 250 artists will offer around one hundred performances and fifty artworks and installations, to the Montréal public and to spectators from across the world through the platform.

Simultaneously, the 7th edition of the professional MUTEK Forum will bring together artists and companies in digital creativity and electronic music, with the goal of exploring the latest artistic practices while stimulating reflection on the ethical and political issues related to technology and the digital world. Arts at CERN is delighted to be one of the partner organizations of the Virtual Market for Creative Minds and Connexions. The market is an opportunity for participants to explore the latest in digital artistic practices, engage in inspiring conversations with peers, as well as to develop artistic connections and business opportunities.