Patricia Domínguez, Tres Lunas más abajo. Illustration 24

Patricia Domínguez’s drawings reflecting on her experience at CERN at the Bienal de Artes Mediales 

11 Feb 2022

At the 15 Bienal de Artes Mediales de Santiago, Patricia Domínguez presents Tres lunas más abajo – a drawing logbook that collects her learning experience and exchanges with the scientific community during her residency at CERN.

From her conversations with physicists, engineers, and staff of the Laboratory, Domínguez takes some concepts of quantum physics, black holes and machinic behaviour to translate them into the form of a personal sketchpad of documentation and oneiric code.

In the artist’s words, ‘it is an experience of deconstruction and update of subjective notions obtained during my time at CERN in October 2021, which makes drawing a fundamental recording tool for the process of reflection and generation of work.’

Patricia Domínguez completed with Geneva-based artist Chloé Delarue their Simetría residency at CERN last October to further explore their artistic practices in connection with fundamental physics. Read more about their stay at the Laboratory here. This year, the Chilean and Geneva-based artists will continue the dual residency at the ESO Astronomy and ALMA Observatory facilities in Chile to continue researching new expressions in their practices, immersing themselves in astronomical research.

Tres lunas más abajo is part of the exhibition El concilio de los sueños at (museo intangible de artes audiovisuales) as part of the Bienal de Artes Mediales de Santiago, curated by artist Nicole L'Huillier, Simetría Award winner in 2019.


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Main image: Patricia Domínguez, Tres lunas más abajo, 2021, watercolour on paper. Courtesy the artist