Spaghetti Blockchain

Spaghetti Blockchain by Mika Rottenberg



23 Oct 2020
Guest Artists

Between 6-25 October, Mika Rottenberg's film Spaghetti Blockchain is on view at Daata Fair.

Co-produced by Arts at CERN, Mika Rottenberg combines in Spaghetti Blockchain seemingly incompatible worlds: insights of CERN experiments, female Tuvan throat singers, and a potato farm in Main. This work is informed by Rottenberg’s interest in new materialisms, an interdisciplinary field of inquiry characterized by a turn away from the dualisms persistent in cultural theory and a reconsideration of the material relationships between human and nonhuman entities.

Mika Rottenberg visited CERN in 2018 as part of the Guest Artists Programme

In this video, the artist does mash-up images of the filming from her time at CERN - mainly from the ATLAS experiment, CERN Data Centre, Antimatter Factory and ISOLDE experiment. She combines this footage filmed in the laboratory with colourful ASMR-style scenarios, creating imagery simultaneously pleasurable and troubling.


Spaghetti Blockchain explores absurdist satire while acutely creating allegories for contemporary life: an exploration of labour, technology, distance, and matter about the seemingly immaterial. Through these film locations, Rottenberg experiments with humans' idea as composed of and as manipulators of matter, revealing the interconnectedness between the mechanical and the corporeal.


This film can be watched at Daata Fair - a new online art fair dedicated to showcasing the best of contemporary international video and digital art - until the 25th of October. Daata Fair is organized by Daata, the leading platform for digital artworks offering hundreds of original, digital works by an ever-growing contemporary artist portfolio.

Spaghetti Blockchain (2019) was produced by Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto; Arts at CERN, the arts program of the European Laboratory of Particle Physics, Geneva, with the support of the Permanent Mission of the United States to the United Nations, Geneva; Sprengel Museum, Hannover, with the support of Niedersächsische Sparkassenstiftung; and New Museum, New York.