SU Wen-Chi, ‘Black Hole Museum + Body Browser’, 2021

SU Wen-Chi presents a VR world imagining gravity through dance

18 Jan 2023

How can we imagine and perceive gravity through the movement of dance, sound and light? Originated during her residency at CERN, choreographer SU WenChi presents the VR Experience Black Hole Museum + Body Browser at La Biennale des Imaginaires Numériques

Taiwanese choreographer, media artist and the founder of the experimental group YiLab SU WenChi attempts to rethink the possibilities of performing arts from the perspective of new media, extending the controversy and reflection of contemporary art in the face of the impact of digital technology. 

In 2016, SU Wen-Chi was the recipient of Accelerate Taiwan Award, consisting of a one-month residency at CERN for Taiwanese artists to extend their artistic practice in connection with fundamental science. Inspired by her experience in the laboratory, she created the performances Unconditional Love and Fact (2018), Infinity Minus One (2018), Anthropic Shadow (2019) and Wave∞ (2019).

Since her time at CERN, SU Wen-Chi has been collaborating with theoretical physicist Diego Blas investigating how to imagine and perceive gravity through the movement of dance, sound and light, supported by the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center in New York (US). In collaboration with C-LAB Taiwan’s Sound Lab, the artist now presents the ongoing project Black Hole Museum + Body BrowserThe work combines dance, virtual reality, and an ambisonic sound system with Wave Field Synthesis to explore the relationships between body, dance, and gravity and the aspects of performing in a VR spacetime.

Black Hole Museum + Body Browser

SU Wen-Chi, Black Hole Museum + Body Browser

Black Hole Museum + Body Browser is on view as part of the exhibition Focus Taiwan at La Biennale des Imaginaires Numériques in Marseille, France. The show runs through 21 January 2023.