Image of one CERN's bubble chambers that shows the decay of a positive kaon in flight.

Tania Candiani’s new sound piece on the ‘sound choreography’ of subatomic particles

09 Mar 2022
Art Commissions

Tania Candiani is looking for musical performers based in Mexico city to participate in her upcoming sound piece ‘Preludio Cuántico’, which proposes a connection between CERN’s Large Hadron Collider and the exhibition space at the MUAC (México).

Mexican artist Tania Candiani works in various media and practices that maintain interest in the complex intersection between phonetic, graphic, linguistic, symbolic, and technological languages. She has engaged with different association narratives from rearranging, remixing, and playing with correspondences between technology, knowledge, and thought, using the idea of ​​organization and reorganization as discourse and critical thinking and empirical research as material for production.

In 2020, Candiani received an Honorary Mention of the Collide Award. This year, she will participate in our Guest Artists programme to research for her project exploring the relationships between quantum physics’ narrative and ancestral indigenous knowledge and cosmovisions. 

Collaborating with musician Rogelio Sosa, the sound piece ‘Preludio Cuántico’ proposes a connection between CERN’s Large Hadron Collider and the exhibition space at MUAC (Mexico City). The ‘sound choreography’ the artist finds in the movement of subatomic particles will be visualized as a possible musical score that integrates the sound of acoustic instruments and voices. The artist is looking for 64 musicians and singers based in Mexico City to participate in the work, which will be exhibited at the artist’s upcoming solo exhibition at MUAC. 

Read more about the call and apply by 14 March