Armin Linke. Photo by Miguel Bueno

Armin Linke

Guest Artist

Armin Linke is a photographer and filmmaker combining a range of contemporary image processing technologies to blur the border between fiction and reality. Linke indagates the formation – so called Gestaltung of the natural, technological and urban environment in which we are living. Armin Linke´s oeuvre photographs and films function as tools to become aware of the different design strategies. Through working with his own archive, as well as with other media archives, Linke challenges the conventions of photographic practice, whereby the questions of how photography is installed and displayed become increasingly important. In a collective approach with other artists, as well as with curators, designers, architects, historians, philosophers and scientists, the narratives of his works expand on the level of multiple discourses.

Linke has visited CERN several times. In 2000, his photographs of the computer centre showed its material infrastructure and technology, revealing these largely invisible landscapes and capturing CERN's computing history. On this occasion, Linke is back to the Laboratory as part of the Guest Artists programme to explore the question of what makes an image in a data-driven world.