Black Quantum Futurism

2020 Collide Award 

Black Quantum Futurism is a multidisciplinary collaboration between Camae Ayewa and Rasheedah Phillips exploring the intersections of futurism, creative media, DIY aesthetics, and activism in marginalized communities through an alternative temporal lens. 

​Through various writing, music, film, visual art, and creative research projects, BQF Collective also explores personal, cultural, familial, and communal cycles of experience and solutions for transforming negative cycles into positive ones using artistic and wholistic methods of healing. 

Black Quantum Futurism won the 2020 Collide Residency Award for their residency proposal CPT Symmetry and Violations. Between 2021-2022, the artists will complete a two-month residency at CERN followed by one month in Hangar Arts Research and Production Centre, in connection with the scientific laboratories in Barcelona.