Honorary Mention of Collide 2021
Guest Artist 2023

Exotikdot is the alter ego of Colombian artist, designer, and composer Maria Paz, or her less shy personality when dealing with existence outside herself. Exotikdot as in exotic particle. She is a graduate of the Sculpture School of ENSAV La Cambre in Brussels and the Experience Design Group at Konstfack in Stockholm. Other educations include Burlesque theatre at Le Samovar in Paris, the Media Art School from the Royal Danish Academy of Arts in Copenhagen, and a Lighting Design post-graduate at IED Barcelona. 

Her nomadic lifestyle and her interdisciplinary approach have deeply influenced her practice. She has participated in several exhibitions and festivals, including the Tokyo Experimental Festival, Sound Art and Performance (Tokyo Wonder Site, Japan), Norberg Festival (Norberg, Sweden), FILE Electronic Language International Festival (São Paulo, Brazil), Lofoten Sound Art Symposium (Lofoten Islands, Norway) and at Art institutions like Kunsthal Charlottenborg (Copenhagen, Denmark) and Atelier 340 Muzeum (Brussels, Belgium). 

She works with space-time, consciousness, and perception through a very intuitive and experimental way, fascinated by how science presents facts and how those facts define the world. Her work relies on its poetry and that from Fundamental physics theories. The paradoxes between nature and technology have been a theme and an influence for her choice of materials. She designs experiences mainly in installations and performances where she includes different media such as sound, light, sculpture, interactive costumes, text, electronics, and music. As a performer, she can either be the organic component that joins the piece, the conductor in service of the live work or simply that cryptic singing ‘Persona’. She has even produced an edible light installation, published a Space kit artist’s book, and released a music album through her record label “Cosmic Popcorn Records”. She currently lives and works in Barcelona.

Exotikdot received an Honorary Mention of the 2021 Collide Award. She will participate in our Guest Artists programme – a short stay at the Laboratory to engage with CERN’s research and community and investigate ideas to support their proposals.