01 May 2021
ABC Radio National

Artists on the loose at the Large Hadron Collider - Science Friction at the CERN

Science Friction 2019 

88 metres underground, in the labyrinth of chambers and corridors of the world's large particle accelerator, art and science collide in wild and wonderful ways.

Join Natasha Mitchell at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, in search of two artists on the loose.



Dr Stephanie Beauceron
Physicist at the CMS at Experiment at CERN
Monica Bello
Curator and head of Arts at CERN
Alan Bogana
Artist, Geneva, Switzerland
Nicole L’Huillier
Artist and PhD scholar
Dr Laurette Ponce
Physicist Engineer, High Luminosity LHC CERN
Dr Tamara Vazquez Schröeder
Physicist, ATLAS Experiment at CERN