Collide Geneva

Collide Geneva invited Geneva-based artists to complete a residency at CERN to further their artistic practice

This award, funded by the City and Canton of Geneva, celebrated Geneva as a consequential meeting point for arts and science throughout history, highlighting its unique role in the founding of CERN back in the 1950s. Geneva-based artists completed a fully-funded residency of up to three months at CERN to further their artistic practice by immersing themselves in the world of particle physics.


Yann Marussich is a unique character in the field of performance and contemporary dance

Yann Marussich

Jan Peters is a German documentary filmmaker specializing in Super 8 from Berlin.

Jan Peters

Swiss artist Cassandre Poirier-Simon works in the field of digital stories and experiences.

Cassandre Poirier Simon

Swiss choreographer and dancer Gilles Jobin has been a pioneer in the field of contemporary dance for nearly two decades

Gilles Jobin

Artist Anne Sylvie Henchoz and curator Julie Lang are based in Geneva.

Anne et Sylvie