Nicole L'Huillier, Plasmatica Fantastica, sonic essay, 2022.

Listen to Nicole L’Huillier’s sonic essay inspired by CERN during this full moon

16 Feb 2022
Digital/ Online

Nicole L’Huillier takes over Radio Amnion’s monthly full moon transmission with a sonic essay about our ‘vibrational reality’, featuring a narration inspired by conversations with CERN theoretical physicists and sounds from electromagnetic activity recorded at the Laboratory’s caves.

The sound art project Radio Amnion commissions new compositions by contemporary artists for and to the sea, streamed more than 2kms deep with/in the Pacific Ocean through the neutrino telescope initiative P-One telescope. During each full moon, the abyssal waters of Cascadia Basin resonate with the pieces of invited artists and are available online on Radio Amnion only during the three days of the harvest moon. Artists’ compositions enter these spaces where deep sea and deep space convene, and scientific and cultural cosmologies develop new relationships.

Nicole L’Huillier sonic essay Plasmática Fantástica (13’15”) explores what the artist calls our ‘vibrational reality’. Inspired by her conversations with CERN theoretical physicists and Andean cosmologies and rituals, the narration embarks us on a journey to the very first sound vibrations of the universe through plasma. Referred to as the fourth fundamental state of matter, plasma is an ionized gas consisting of approximately equal numbers of positively and negatively charged particles and is the most abundant form of ordinary matter.

Combining sounds from electromagnetic activity recorded at CERN’s caves, a South Andean collective flute procession, and hidden vibrations of the Atacama Desert, the voice-over, textures and beats tune us to connect with what L’Huillier describes as our ’plasmatic past’ and ‘plasmatic existence’, inviting us to navigate the sonic memories imprinted in our bodies, which could help us rewrite our ‘more plasmatic future’.

The artist thanks Daniel Figueroa, John Ellis, Monica Bello, Alan Bogana, Arts at CERN, Karenn Vera Tito, Juan Carmelo Ramírez, La Chimuchina, Juan Necochea, Francisca Gili, Ana Rosa Ibañez, Claudio Mercado, Corporación Chilena de Video, Bienal de Artes Mediales.

Listen to Plasmática Fantástica on Radio Amnion until 17 February