Maria Paz with physicist Bolek Pietrzyk. Photo by Sophia Benett

Maria Paz – Exotikdot – starts her Guest Artist stay at CERN

02 Mar 2023
Guest Artists

The Colombian Barcelona-based artist received an Honorary Mention of the 2021 Collide Award

With an intuitive and experimental approach, Maria Paz, also known as Exotikdot, works with space-time, consciousness and perception. Her work revolves around the paradoxes that exist between nature and technology, and the poetry of science. She uses various media such as sound, light, sculpture, interactive costumes, text, electronics and music to create experiences primarily in installations and performances. As a performer, she can be the organic component connecting the piece, the conductor serving the live work, or simply the cryptic singing 'persona'.

Collide, Arts at CERN’s international residency programme, has been organised in collaboration with the Barcelona City Council (2019-2022). The residency programme supports artists from different disciplines and provides them with the opportunity to explore the world of fundamental physics and the cutting-edge research taking place at CERN. Paz received one of the Honorary Mentions of the Collide Award, which is awarded the participation in our Guest Artists programme

‘I am fascinated by matter at the subatomic level and inspired by its exotic and paradoxical behaviour,’ says Maria Paz. The artist sees her visit to CERN as an experiment in transdisciplinarity, as her work is based on the poetry of science, the way science presents facts and how these facts define the world.


‘I want to get a glimpse of what a common language between artists and scientists might be like, to bring together our levels of imagination, speculation and playfulness, and to test and defy the limits of our freedom of thought,’ she commented.


During her residency, Paz will engage with CERN’s research and community to explore ideas between art and physics to support her project.


Collide is Arts at CERN’s international residency programme, in collaboration with the Barcelona City Council (2019-2022)